How to choose a liquid filter bag?

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Liquid filter bags generally have the following materials:
1. Nylon filter bag-material: NMO nylon monofilament
2. Polypropylene PP filter bag-material: polypropylene needle felt or melt blown polypropylene
3. Polyester PE filter bag-material: polyester needle felt
4. PTFE filter bag-material: Teflon needle felt
5. Stainless steel filter-stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316
In addition, there are polypropylene multifilament, polyester multifilament, aramid needle felt and so on.
The working conditions and the achievable effects of each material are different. How to choose the liquid filter bag of the correct material requires your process engineer to provide the following parameters:
1. What liquid is filtered? Is the liquid acid-base and is there solvent content?
2. What type of impurities are removed? Soft impurities or hard particles?
3. What kind of filtering effect is achieved? That is the filtration accuracy and filtration efficiency of the filter bag
4. What is the filtration temperature?
5. Are there requirements for the filtration flow rate and the initial pressure difference of the filtration system?
According to the above complete parameters, the most suitable filter bag can be selected accurately. If such specific filtration process parameters are not available at present, our engineers have accumulated rich experience in filtration applications in various industries for many years, and can provide the best filtration solutions according to your general requirements and provide test systems. Test, and finally design the most suitable overall filtration scheme.